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I.C.A.R.E. Board Of Directors & Executive Director 2019.  (




We recognized the need for youth to be stimulated and be involved in the community in critical times of personal growth and development. When looking across the generations, youth, and the elderly (older adults) are often viewed as two populations especially in need of services whose needs are little in common. The resources they could offer to each other and the community is often overlooked. Intergenerational programs recognize the needs of both youth and the elderly and the opportunity to develop untapped resources within each generation. 

The military-connected student population in the Unified School District #475 in the Geary County & Fort Riley Community is approximately 60%. These students have little significant contact with any older adult senior within the context of the family or community. They encounter many challenges, including education, social, and emotional development. Due to frequent moves, deployment of their parent(s), and lack of contact with grandparents and extended family members, some will always struggle and need extra support finding a way to fit in at a new location. The capacity to cope with adversity, even being strengthened by it, is crucial to develop critical thinking skills to navigate through these challenges.